Does Home Insurance Cover The Garage Door?

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Yes, in most cases, homeowners insurance covers garage door damage and repairs, as well as theft of items from the garage. However, if the damage requires a complete replacement, the company may choose to install a new door instead of covering the repair. If the damage is caused by a vehicle, the garage door repair will be covered by the homeowners’ insurance, but the damage to the vehicle itself will not be covered.

Worried about mending your garage door? Don’t fear! Most homeowners’ insurance policies cover damage to the door. This blog will show what type of coverage your home insurance offers for garage door repair and when you may need extra coverage.

Do you wonder if Homeowners Insurance covers garage door damage? In most cases, it does! It’s important to know what your policy covers and doesn’t cover. This guide helps you understand if home insurance covers garage door damage, what types of coverage you should look for, and scenarios where you could benefit from having this coverage. We’ll also explain how filing an insurance claim works. So, let’s dive in!

What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance—also known as homeowner’s insurance—protects homeowners from financial losses caused by events such as disasters and theft. It covers both the house structure and its contents. It also covers extra costs related to damage from other policy-covered events.

Homeowner’s insurance provides protection for roof replacements due to storms or fire, damage to other structures such as sheds or driveways, personal liability if someone is injured on the property, and limited coverage for personal items like furniture and electronics.

Most policies will cover garage door damage—including wind damage—up to certain limits. It is important to review the policy to ensure adequate coverage. In certain circumstances, separate coverage may be needed for any buildings which are not part of the primary residence, such as garages and outbuildings.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Homeowner’s insurance is for any damage to your home and its contents that is unexpected. It usually includes damage to attached structures such as a garage, from things like wind, hail or lightning. It does not generally cover damage from general wear-and-tear or maintenance issues.

You can also get extra coverage for certain incidents, such as theft of property from an unlocked garage door. To understand what your coverage includes and excludes, you should check your policy with an insurance agent.

Does Home Insurance Cover Garage Door Damage?

Homeowners must have the correct home insurance for their property and their finances. Many people know about traditional coverage, like fire and theft, but not that their policies can cover garage door damage. Most homeowner policies will cover garage door damage, but one should know what coverage they have.

Generally, home insurance will cover damage from storms, like wind and hail, to the door and its parts. It will also cover items in and around the garage damaged in an accident with the door. People should check with their insurer though, since some may not cover all types of scenarios.

If claiming for a damaged garage door, there may be deductibles. Repair costs are usually factored into most policies, but the limits vary between insurers. If needing help, contact the home insurance provider immediately.

What are the Exclusions?

Homeowners’ insurance usually covers garage door damage, but there are exceptions. These vary between policies and companies, so read yours carefully. Common exclusions to keep in mind:

  • Maintenance-related damage is not covered. This includes wear and tear.
  • Damage caused by an Act of God is not covered. Examples: wind, hail, lightning.
  • Vandalism is not covered. Not accidental so won’t be covered.
  • Intentional damage is not covered. Damage caused on purpose is not covered.
  • Animal damage is not covered. Rodents and pets are not covered.

What are the Benefits of Home Insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance offers financial aid to protect your house, belongings, and property. It can defend you against another’s property damage if it is in your care.

Garage door repair and replacement are usually part of the policy. If it has been damaged due to weather, wear, and tear, or theft, home insurance will pay for it, as long as you have adequate coverage.

It also guards against other risks like:

  • personal liability
  • extra living expenses
  • lost items like stolen jewelry.

But, it’s important to read the exclusions carefully before making any claims.

How to Make a Claim?

In case of a damaged garage door, you must make a claim to your homeowner’s insurance. It is important to take steps for them to assess the damage and provide financial help.

  • Document the damage by taking pictures and writing notes.
  • Contact your insurance agent or company for instructions on filing a claim.

Filing a claim includes submitting an incident report explaining the damage, proof of ownership, photos of the damaged area, and other information your insurance company needs. Depending on policy conditions and coverage limits, filing a claim can decide if you get full or partial reimbursement for repairs and replacements.


To sum up, homeowner’s insurance typically covers harm to your garage door caused by vandalism and bad weather. Look over your policy document or talk to your insurer for more details. Make sure your coverage limits are enough and that there are no exclusions that could stop your claim.

Taking care of your garage door and putting in extra protective features can help reduce the chance of needing to make a claim:

  • Regularly inspect the door for signs of wear and tear.
  • Check the door’s balance and adjust the springs if needed.
  • Make sure the door is properly lubricated.
  • Clean the tracks and make sure they are free of debris.
  • Replace any broken or damaged parts.
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