How Much Does A Chiropractor Cost Without Insurance In 2023?

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In 2023, the price range for a chiropractor visit without insurance is typically $60 to $200. On average, the cost falls between $100 and $150. 

Average Cost Without Insurance: $125

Average Range: $100 to $150

Maximum: $200

Minimum: $60

The specific amount can vary due to various factors like the chiropractor’s location, the type of care required, and the chiropractor’s expertise.

Furthermore, the cost can also fluctuate depending on the specific treatment you undergo, such as chiropractic massage, spinal decompression, electrical muscle stimulation, or ultrasound therapy.

Additionally, certain clinics may have higher charges for the initial visit, which could encompass consultation, X-rays, and tests.

Do Chiropractors take insurance?

The acceptance of insurance by chiropractors varies depending on the individual chiropractor and their practice. 

Some chiropractors accept insurance, while others do not. 

To ensure that you can visit a chiropractor who takes insurance, it is crucial to contact their office and inquire about their acceptance of your insurance plan.

How much does a spinal decompression cost without insurance?

Spinal decompression surgery in the United States has an average cost of $23,5002, with potential variations ranging from $8,800 to $19,600 or higher. 

Outpatient facilities might offer a more affordable option compared to hospitals. In the UK, a private spine surgery consultation typically costs £200 – £300 at a private hospital or clinic, excluding health insurance. 

However, the actual surgery expenses can differ based on the specific procedure and hospital. 

It is advisable to obtain quotes from multiple providers and compare them before making a decision regarding spinal decompression surgery.

How much does chiropractic rehabilitation therapy cost without insurance?

Some common types of chiropractic rehabilitation therapy and their costs are:

  • Chiropractic massage: $30 to $70 per session
  • Spinal decompression: $50 to $250 per session
  • Electrical muscle stimulation: $30 to $60 per session
  • Ultrasound therapy: $15 to $35 per session

You may need multiple sessions of chiropractic rehabilitation therapy to achieve optimal results, which can increase the total cost of your treatment. You may also need to pay for an initial consultation and evaluation, which can cost between $75 and $250.

Does United Healthcare cover chiropractic?

Yes, most United Healthcare policies cover chiropractic care. In fact, in 2019, United Healthcare introduced new benefits that expanded coverage for chiropractic care, particularly for individuals with acute lower back pain. 

This expansion aimed to reduce the need for invasive surgeries and decrease the likelihood of opioid addiction among individuals with back pain. 

Chiropractic care has been shown to effectively treat back pain by addressing its underlying causes rather than solely relying on medication to alleviate symptoms.

Do chiropractors take Medicare?

Yes, Certain chiropractors indeed accept Medicare, though not universally. It becomes vital, therefore, to contact the chiropractic office and inquire about their acceptance of Medicare prior to booking an appointment.

Possessing Medicare Part B could potentially enable chiropractic care coverage. Despite this, coverage is subject to restrictions. 

For instance, Medicare will cover chiropractic treatment exclusively for specific ailments like back pain and neck pain. 

Furthermore, there exists a limit to the number of chiropractic visits annually covered by Medicare.

What are the benefits of seeing a chiropractor?

There are many potential benefits to seeing a chiropractor, including:

  • Reduced pain
  • Improved range of motion
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved posture
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved overall health

What are the risks of seeing a chiropractor?

Chiropractic care is generally safe, but there are some risks associated with it. These risks include:

  • Injury to the spine: In rare cases, chiropractic adjustments can cause injury to the spine. This can include herniated disks, spinal cord injuries, and stroke.
  • Headaches: Some people experience headaches after chiropractic adjustments. These headaches are usually mild and go away on their own.
  • Visceral injuries: In rare cases, chiropractic adjustments can cause injuries to the internal organs. This is usually due to the force of the adjustment causing the organs to move out of place.

Allergic reactions: Some people may experience allergic reactions to the oils or creams used during chiropractic adjustments.

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