Is Owner Title Insurance Necessary On New Construction?

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Yes, Owner Title Insurance is Necessary On New Construction. Are you a homeowner pondering if owner title insurance is needed when constructing a fresh home? This insurance secures you from upcoming issues. This article will provide all the answers to your queries about owner title insurance on new construction. So, have the security of your new home and relish it!

Owner title insurance is a must when constructing a new home and taking steps to safeguard your investment! It offers extra protection & flexibility and is highly recommended. Here’s why:

It gives you special coverage and peace of mind in case of any property issues arise.

So, get owner title insurance for your new construction – it’s a smart move!

What is Owner Title Insurance?

Owner title insurance guards the true owner of real estate against any financial losses related to title issues. The title of property proves ownership and states any liens, mortgages, or encumbrances. If faults in the title go unnoticed until after purchase, the owner’s title insurance policy pays for them.

This insurance is necessary when getting a newly built home or other structures on a new construction site. Title issues can appear much later, leading to costly and lengthy legal fights over ownership. Owner title insurance safeguards both buyers and lenders, making sure the property has a legitimate owner, with no outside interests.

Costs of owner title insurance differ among suppliers. These costs usually include survey charges and escrow fees, if applicable. Moreover, premiums often rely on the purchase cost and type of coverage chosen:

  • Survey Charges
  • Escrow Fees
  • Premiums based on Purchase Cost
  • Type of Coverage Chosen

What Does Owner Title Insurance Cover?

Owner title insurance gives homeowners safety against issues that may arise when purchasing new construction. When buying a home, problems can occur from errors in the deed or prior liens attached to the property. Owner title insurance provides protection against these issues and gives the homeowner assurance.

Owner title insurance typically is bought by the home buyer or builder, depending on their agreement with the seller. It covers any losses due to defects in the title which were not found during the examination of court and public records at closing. This includes:

  • Outstanding liens or judgments against prior owners
  • Undisclosed heirs
  • Recorded documents not validly released
  • Mistakes relating to the legal description, boundary lines, access rights, and previously unknown easements.

Covered events can include fraud committed by a third party such as a “squatter” claiming part of your land. Also, another party inappropriately influencing a person involved in executing a document that affects your property rights. Owner title insurance won’t pay for improvements made without permits. But it will protect you if you unknowingly buy a home with unpermitted items, such as an additional bedroom or bathroom addition which was not mentioned by the seller.

Owner title insurance also gives coverage for legal defense costs linked to protecting against an unexpected claim to your property after you have taken possession of the home. In combination with lender policies available at closing, owner policies are an essential safeguard for new construction buyers – particularly those who are not familiar with local laws governing real estate transactions in their state.

Benefits of Owner Title Insurance

Owner title insurance is essential when buying a property – especially new construction. Its purpose is to protect the owner from financial loss caused by title-related problems from past owners. This policy covers any losses found in the title search and includes:

  • Protection against claims of ownership not disclosed in public records.
  • Reimbursement for legal fees and other costs for resolving title disputes.
  • Coverage for errors or omissions in deeds, wills, and other legal docs.
  • Protection from forged powers of attorney and fraudulently procured deeds.
  • Reimbursement if an existing mortgage is misrepresented during purchase.

With owner’s title insurance, you can keep your investment safe from financial losses related to the property’s ownership. Plus, you’ll have greater resources if needed to settle disputes about the home’s ownership. This provides peace of mind knowing that your investment is safeguarded from any unforeseen events that may affect its value or integrity in the future.

When is Owner Title Insurance Necessary for New Construction?

Buying a new home? Invest in a comprehensive title insurance policy! It can protect your investment and give you peace of mind that the property has a good title. Some buyers question if title insurance is needed on new builds – but it can still be valuable.

Owner title insurance may be useful in two ways:

  1. It covers items not usually included in lender’s policies, such as ownership fraud and material man’s liens.
  2. It guarantees title flaws won’t arise after closing, so you don’t have to deal with the costs.

For instance, if the contractor doesn’t pay sub-contractors or disappears, that could create liens against the property after it’s finished. This voids ownership claims, including yours and the bank’s. Owner Title Insurance protects you from these activities and keeps your real estate and funds safe from possible errors or disputes.

How Much Does Owner Title Insurance Cost?

Owner title insurance is needed for new builds. It gives protection for you and your investment in the property. Usually, your lender needs a lender’s title insurance policy to protect their interest. Owner title insurance can provide benefits beyond a typical lender’s policy.

The cost of owner title insurance depends on many factors. Location, loan amount, type of construction, prior title history, etc. It varies from 0.2% to 1% of the loan amount.

Owner title insurance covers risks associated with a change of ownership or liens against signature parties on the deed. It also covers:

  • Material misstatements in the documents, such as legal description errors.
  • Fraudulently forged documents may appear after recording.

This protects your claim to the property according to current law. It is a one-time fee paid at closing, like other closing costs.

What Are the Alternatives to Owner Title Insurance?

Owner’s title insurance is a popular option for property buyers. However, there are other options available too. These include:

  • Lenders Title Insurance: This is often required by lenders. It covers any title defects or liens on the property.
  • Title Search: An attorney or title company can search public records to reveal any issues with the property’s past ownership.
  • Deeds and Property Records: When buying new construction, copies of deeds, mortgages, and other documents related to previous owners can be helpful.
  • Title Company Prepared Commitments: These commitments list conditions needed for transfer, such as deeds, encumbrances, liens, and judgments.

Before transferring property, it’s wise to understand all your options. Knowing what alternatives exist can help you make an informed decision about protecting your interests.


Weighing all the pros and cons, it’s clear that owner’s title insurance is a great option for anyone constructing a home or building. It shields against unexpected issues with the title or structure, which can save money and time. Before you begin construction, do your research and understand the advantages of title insurance.

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