Does Barclays Travel Insurance Cover Cruises?

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Yes, Barclays travel insurance does cover cruises, but the coverage provided may vary depending on the specific policy and the circumstances of the trip. Generally, Barclays travel insurance policies cover cruises in the same way that they cover other types of travel, with some specific coverage for issues that are unique to cruise travel.

What is Barclays Travel Insurance?

Barclays offers several types of travel insurance policies, including single-trip, annual multi-trip, and backpacker insurance. Each policy offers different levels of coverage, and customers can choose the one that best suits their needs. Barclays travel insurance offers benefits such as coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation and interruption, and baggage loss or delay.

What is Cruise Travel Insurance?

Cruise travel insurance is a specialized type of travel insurance that provides coverage for specific risks associated with taking a cruise, such as missed port departures or medical emergencies that occur onboard the ship. Compared to regular travel insurance, cruise travel insurance typically offers higher coverage limits and more comprehensive benefits that are tailored to the unique needs of cruise travelers.

What does Barclays Travel Insurance Cover on Cruises?

Barclays travel insurance policies cover a range of benefits on cruises, including trip cancellation and interruption, medical expenses, lost or stolen baggage and personal belongings, trip delay and missed connections, and emergency assistance services. Some policies may also provide additional coverage for issues such as cruise itinerary changes, missed port departures, and onboard medical emergencies.

What is Not Covered by Barclays Travel Insurance on Cruises?

There are some limitations and exclusions of coverage for cruises under Barclays travel insurance policies. For example, acts of war, terrorism, or civil unrest are not covered, and intentional or reckless acts are also excluded. Pre-existing medical conditions may not be covered unless declared at the time of purchase. Participation in hazardous activities, such as bungee jumping or extreme sports, may also not be covered.

How to Purchase Barclays Travel Insurance for Cruises?

Customers can purchase Barclays travel insurance for cruises online or through their local Barclays branch. To purchase travel insurance for a cruise, customers will need to provide details about their trip, such as the departure and return dates, the cruise line, and the destinations visited. Documentation such as passports, visas, and cruise confirmations may also be required.

How to Make a Claim for Barclays Travel Insurance on Cruises?

If you become sick or injured during your journey, contact the 24-hour Medical Emergency Assistance hotline immediately. For those calling from overseas, dial (+44) 1603 604 976. To make a claim, visit or dial our hotline at 0800 404 6856. For those calling from outside the UK, please dial (+44) 1603 604 964.

Tips for Using Barclays Travel Insurance on Cruises

Customers who purchase Barclays travel insurance for a cruise can maximize their benefits by taking certain precautions. This may include reading their policy documents carefully to fully understand the coverage provided, taking note of any limitations or exclusions of coverage, and keeping important documentation such as passports and cruise confirmations in a safe place. Customers should also consider purchasing travel insurance as soon as they book their cruise to ensure they are covered for any unexpected events that may occur before the trip.

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