Does Home Insurance Cover KiTEC Plumbing?

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Kitec plumbing in your home? You may be asking if you’re protected if something goes wrong. We’ll look at the coverage home insurance gives for Kitec plumbing in this blog. Any exclusions or limits? We’ll tell you. Don’t wait! Get the protection you need now!

Kitec plumbing was utilized in millions of homes in the USA and Canada between 1995 and 2007. It was made from an alloy containing aluminum and polyethylene. It was supposed to be durable but has had issues such as corrosion, pinhole leaks, clogs, pressure problems, burst pipes, foul odors, poor water flow, and failure.

The producer of Kitec pipes, IPS Corporation, is now out of business. Parts are unavailable, making it difficult to repair any damage. Many homeowners opt for replacing the entire system, to avoid expensive repairs or more serious damage.

Replacing a home’s plumbing system can be pricey. Homeowners must find funds for this project. Home insurance policies may offer coverage for some or all of the replacement costs associated with Kitec plumbing systems. However, some policies may exclude or limit coverage related to Kitec systems, so it’s important to check your policy carefully.

Advantages and Disadvantages of KiTEC Plumbing

Kitec plumbing is a type of water system from 1995. It consists of a copper tube with aluminum inside and plastic insulation around it. People like Kitec for being affordable and fast to install. Yet, some cities and states don’t recommend it because it may cause water damage if it fails.

The pros of Kitec plumbing include:

  • Quick-connect fittings make it easy to install
  • Cost-efficient and easy repairs
  • High-pressure rating (1,200 PSI)
  • A corrosion-resistant outer shell means the long shelf life

The cons of Kitec plumbing include:

  • Risk of cracks when frozen or overheated (reduced pressure rating)
  • Leakage or corrosion if not maintained
  • Complex repair jobs need more expensive materials
  • Some insurance plans won’t cover Kitec plumbing

Homeowners should research local building codes before deciding if Kitec plumbing is right for them. Balance cost savings and safety. Professional advice is a must!

Does Home Insurance Cover KiTEC Plumbing?

Home insurance usually covers a variety of plumbing. But, some policies may not cover Kitec plumbing. Kitec is a mix of zinc and aluminum pipes used from 1995 to 2007. It’s been recalled because it often leaks or bursts, causing water damage.

If you’re thinking of buying a place with Kitec piping, check your policy. It may exclude or limit any claims on water damage from Kitec. Replacing the system could be expensive, depending on how bad it is.

Homeowners should talk to their insurers or agents to understand what their home insurance covers for Kitec. This will help them avoid expensive repairs if any damages occur.

Factors Affecting Home Insurance Coverage for KiTEC Plumbing

Does home insurance cover Kitec Plumbing? It depends. Factors like the policy type and coverage limits influence the answer. Certain policies may exclude or limit Kitec Plumbing owing to its unique material and high repair costs. Read the fine print to make sure. Some homeowner policies may not cover it, while others may. Contact your insurer for more info about your plan and any Kitec Plumbing coverage limitations. Usually, the home insurer you have chosen will decide if they will cover Kitec Pipes or not.

Tips for Maximizing Home Insurance Coverage for KiTEC Plumbing

Home insurance that covers Kitec plumbing is a must for many homeowners. Kitec plumbing can corrode, leading to costly water damage. To make sure your coverage needs are met, research what providers offer Kitec coverage. Read the fine print to ensure the policy covers Kitec. Connect with a knowledgeable agent to understand the policy’s requirements.

Maintain your home regularly.

  • Check pipe joints and supply line exits/entrances every year.
  • Service faucet fixtures to reduce corrosion at junction points.

If repairs or maintenance are done, document them in writing. Keep receipts as evidence. This shows you’ve taken the necessary measures and will help when filing an incident report due to a ruptured or malfunctioning pipeline. Follow these steps for the best protection against expensive repair costs!

How to File a Home Insurance Claim for KiTEC Plumbing?

Filing a claim for home insurance coverage of Kitec plumbing can be tough. Before filing, make sure you know what type of plan you have and if you’re eligible for coverage. Some plans don’t cover Kitec plumbing. If yours does not, filing a claim might be an option. Contact your insurer to check if there are any exclusions or deductibles involved.

For filing a claim, you’ll need:

  • Your account number (if applicable)
  • A list of repairs/replacements
  • Proof of the professional installation
  • Receipts for materials
  • Photos of damage, pre-existing conditions
  • Documentation from qualified professionals

Submit all the documents, with an explanation of your current circumstances. You should get a written notification from the insurer in 30 days. If approved, payment instructions and the next steps will be given after the repairs/replacements.


When considering home insurance, remember some plans may not cover Kitec plumbing. This piping was used in North American homes mainly between 1995 and 2007. Homeowners with this type of piping may face higher premiums or even restrictions on their coverage.

Check with your insurer regarding any exclusions regarding Kitec plumbing coverage when choosing a policy. Most insurers list any exclusions in their policies and riders, with explanations if needed. An independent insurance agent can also provide valuable insight into how different policies handle this.

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