Does State Farm Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?

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According to State Farm, homeowners insurance may cover foundation repair if the damage is caused by a covered peril, such as fire, windstorm, hail, explosion, or vandalism. 

However, it does not cover damage due to ground movements, such as earthquakes, expansive soils, or soil settling. 

Home warranty plans may cover appliances and home systems during normal use, but not foundation repair. 

If you are unsure about your policy coverage, you should contact your State Farm agent for more information.

What causes foundation damage that is covered by State Farm Homeowners Insurance?

Some of the causes of foundation damage that are covered by State Farm Homeowners Insurance are fire or smoke, windstorm, hail, snow or ice, explosion, freezing of plumbing, vandalism, damage caused by vehicles, riots, or civil disturbances

These are considered covered perils that are beyond the homeowner’s control and may affect the dwelling, personal property, and other structures on the property. 

However, not all policies cover the same perils, so you should check your policy coverage form or contact your agent to confirm what is covered and what is not.

What is the maximum amount of foundation repair that State Farm Homeowners Insurance will cover?

State Farm Homeowners Insurance covers foundation repair up to your policy limit and after you pay your deductible. 

Your policy limit is the most your insurer pays for a claim. Your deductible is what you pay before your insurer pays the rest. 

For example, suppose your dwelling coverage limit is $300,000 and your deductible is $1,000. 

If your foundation repair costs $10,000, you pay $1,000 and your insurer pays $9,000. But if your repair costs more than your limit, you pay the extra. 

For example, if your repair costs $350,000, you pay $51,000 ($1,000 deductible plus $50,000 over the limit) and your insurer pays $299,000. 

To find out your limits and deductibles for different coverages, check your policy declarations page or contact your agent.

How do I file a claim for foundation repair with State Farm Homeowners Insurance?

State Farm Homeowners Insurance’s foundation repair claim process:

  1. After damage, call 800-SF-CLAIM (800-732-5246), register a claim online, or call your State Farm representative.
  2. Secure the area and remove debris to reduce safety concerns and damage.
  3. Report theft and get a police report.
  4. Keep track of repair costs and separate goods for cleaning and repair.
  5. Before discarding damaged goods, consult your claim agent.
  6. Check your insurance limitations and deductibles.
  7. Email your claim manager a personal property inventory form for each damaged or stolen item. Click in your state to get the form from State Farm.
  8. An associate will examine your claim and assist you as quickly as feasible.
  9. State Farm will investigate the origin and amount of the damage to establish coverage.
  10. State Farm will repair or rebuild your foundation under insurance terms. Ask your mortgage company regarding claim payment.

What documentation do I need to file a claim for foundation repair with State Farm Homeowners Insurance?

Some of the documentation that you may need to file a claim for foundation repair with State Farm Homeowners Insurance are:

  1. Your insurance declarations page includes coverage, restrictions, and deductibles.
  2. The police report if theft or vandalism caused the damage.
  3. A personal property inventory form that details damaged or stolen items by description, age, original cost, and replacement cost. Click in your state to get the form from State Farm.
  4. Repair or replacement receipts, invoices, estimates, or contracts.
  5. Photos or videos showing foundation and other property damage.
  6. Your claim manager or agent may require further supporting paperwork.

You can email the documentation to your assigned claim handler or upload it online through the State Farm website or mobile app. You can also mail or fax it to the address or number provided by your claim handler or agent.

How long does it take for State Farm Homeowners Insurance to process a claim for foundation repair?

The processing time for State Farm Homeowners Insurance to handle a claim for foundation repair may differ based on various factors such as damage severity, contractor availability, and claims department workload. 

Typically, the processing duration ranges from a few weeks to months.

What if my foundation damage is not covered by State Farm Homeowners Insurance?

If State Farm Homeowners Insurance does not cover your foundation damage, you will need to personally cover the repair costs unless you have alternative coverage or compensation, like a home warranty plan, a manufacturer’s warranty, a contractor’s guarantee, or a legal claim against the party responsible for the damage.

To safeguard against future losses of this nature, it may be advisable to explore the possibility of adding or increasing your coverage for foundation damage. 

To discuss your options and obtain quotes for various coverage types and limits, you can reach out to your State Farm agent.

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