Does Travel Insurance Cover Flight Cancellation By Airline?

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Travel insurance policies typically provide coverage for trip cancellation or interruption, which may include flight cancellations by the airline. However, some specific terms and conditions for coverage may be there, depending upon the insurance policy and provider.

Worry not if you’re not sure if your travel insurance will cover your flight cancellation! With a few tips, you can know if you’re covered. 

Travel insurance is essential when planning any trip. Short or long, it can help with medical costs, cancellations, theft or loss of items, and other unforeseen expenses. It’s important to make sure that the policy covers the type of experience you’re expecting.

Ask yourself, does the policy cover flight cancellation by the airline? It depends on the coverage your provider offers. Read the fine print in your policy to understand what is covered if an airline cancels your flight. Some policies might offer a refund if it’s due to bad weather or mechanical problems. Others may only reimburse if it’s due to a strike or labor dispute at the airport or with the airline.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Flight Cancellation by Airline?

When you buy travel insurance, you expect the insurer to help in case of any troubles during your journey. Depending on the plan, it usually protects against emergency events such as bad weather, medical issues, or disasters. But, not all plans include coverage for canceled flights by an airline.

Normally, if an airline cancels a flight due to an emergency, they give a refund. It is hard to claim money from the insurance provider when different laws and regulations are in each country.

If the passenger can’t get a refund from the airline, and their policy covers cancellations for whatever reason (such as mechanical failure or terrorism), the person can ask for reimbursement from the insurer.

Before purchasing, travelers should read their policy and contact the insurer with questions about what is and isn’t covered. That way, they know what kind of protection their policy offers if the airline disrupts the flight.

What Kinds of Cancellations Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance is designed to protect you from unexpected losses or delays during a trip. Coverage varies from insurer to insurer, usually covering lost luggage, medical costs, and even canceled flights. Read the policy fine print to know if and how your flight cancellations are covered.

Most policies offer protection for airline cancellations/ delays due to factors like mechanical issues, airline strikes, terror activities, natural disasters or other extraordinary circumstances. Normally, your insurer will refund non-refundable tickets bought before the cancellation, and extra expenses like rebooking or alternate transport to reach your destination.

If you used a credit card for a non-refundable plane ticket, you might be eligible for extra protection. Check your credit card provider’s policies before buying travel insurance for airline flight cancellations.

What Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance can be helpful for travelers, but there are many things to think about before buying it. What type of coverage you need depends on your trip and destination. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Trip length: Longer trips might need more insurance than a short vacation.
  • Destination: Where you’re going changes the cost and type of insurance. Check with your insurer for countries or remote areas that might require more insurance.
  • Medical treatment costs: Think about medical coverage in case you get sick or hurt while away from home.
  • Airline cancellations/delays: Unexpected things like weather or mechanical issues can cause flight delays or cancellations. Insurance can provide coverage for these.
  • Rental car protection: Check if rental car protection is included in your insurance policy. It could save time and money.
  • Lost Luggage/personal belongings: Coverage for lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed luggage and items.
  • Registration assistance & evacuation expenses: Know your insurer’s policies for medical evacuation expenses. This could be useful if you need it.

What Are the Benefits of Having Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is useful for those planning trips. It can protect you from financial losses due to unexpected events such as flight cancellations, medical emergencies, and stolen luggage. When you buy a policy, it can cover you if something goes wrong.

Common coverage includes:

  • Trip cancellation, delay, or interruption – covers costs if you cancel a trip due to illness, injury, or airline restrictions.
  • Emergency medical care – covers medical expenses and hospital bills when you travel outside of your home country.
  • Lost Baggage – pays for lost items if they are stolen or lost during transport.
  • International Assistance/24-hour Hotline – provides 24/7 advice and help.

Travel insurance may also cover additional costs caused by flight cancellations. This includes costs from delays due to bad weather, or illnesses that need you to go home quickly. Check which coverage is included in the policy you choose.

What Does Travel Insurance Not Cover?

Travel insurance may provide coverage for unexpected issues when you’re on a trip. However, there are certain exclusions, like pre-existing medical conditions, cancellation/changes due to personal reasons, and damage caused by terrorism or civil unrest.

Regarding flight cancellations, travel insurance generally won’t cover it unless you bought a Cancellation Waiver (aka Trip Interruption Insurance). This extra coverage can give you a reimbursement if your airline cancels the flight due to unavoidable circumstances, e.g. weather or mechanical problems. Most policies include coverages for trip delays or missed connections if your airline changes its flight schedules.

How to Make a Claim for Flight Cancellation by Airline?

Travel insurance that covers flight cancellations caused by an airline should come with terms showing what it does and does not cover. Read your policy to check if it includes “flight cancellation by the airline”.

You’ll need to provide evidence. This could be a ticket/booking confirmation email, proof of payment/purchase, and proof the airline canceled the flight. This might include a statement from the airline or a document showing any compensation offered.

Your travel insurance policy might cover:

  • Missed accommodation
  • Extra costs due to changes in travel plans
  • Lost baggage and more

Check with the insurer to see what’s covered before you make a claim.

Claiming varies between insurers. Generally, when you provide all the documents, it will take 3-4 weeks for claims processing. It depends on the complexity and if there are discrepancies between the documents you and travel partners/airlines (if applicable) have given.


Travel insurance is great for protecting you from pricey airline flight cancellations. You can buy it from the airline’s website or independent providers like Allianz, World Nomads, or AXA Insurance.

When selecting a policy, review the coverage and exclusions. Consider both cost and benefits. Standalone travel cancellation coverage can be especially helpful in uncertain times. It can protect you from expensive losses due to airline decisions, e.g. during the COVID-19 pandemic. Investing in travel protection through reputable providers like Allianz Global Assistance or AXA Insurance could be a lifesaver.

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