How Do Insurance Companies Check For Smoking?

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Worried your insurance company will find out about your smoking habit? This guide will help you! It’ll tell you the different ways insurers can tell if you smoke and what they can do. Let us put your mind at ease. Learn how insurers detect smoking and how to protect yourself.

Smoking is a major factor when insurance companies determine premiums. Life and health insurance are both affected by smoking. It’s vital that smokers are aware of how insurance companies view smoking.

Insurance companies use various methods to check for smoking. These include examining healthcare records, asking lifestyle questions during the application process, and ordering lab tests to test for nicotine or its byproducts. If an insurer doesn’t get the applicant’s cooperation or doubts the answers given during the application process, then an investigation may be launched. This investigation is to clarify the medical history or lifestyle activities of the applicant.

How Do Insurance Companies determine Smoking Status?

Insurance companies may look at your smoking habits when deciding your risk profile and policy eligibility. You’ll need to answer questions about it on the application form. They may also ask you to do a medical test to check for nicotine. This will help decide if you’re a non-smoker or a smoker. Non-smokers usually get better rates.

Insurers may also search for smoking residue in your home or car. They might even ask you to do a medical test again after a few years to make sure you haven’t started smoking.

Health Risks Associated with Smoking

Smoking has many health risks. The CDC states it causes 1 in 5 deaths in the U.S. It increases the chance of cancer, heart disease, stroke, COPD, diabetes, and more. It can also harm fertility and reproductive health, cause inflammation and limit cardiovascular functioning.

Insurance companies usually ask questions about smoking or other tobacco products. They may ask for a saliva or urine sample, or reports from an applicant’s doctor. This is because smokers have a higher decline rate, so insurers must know the applicant’s lifestyle before taking them on as policyholders.

Financial Implications of Smoking for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies view individual risk factors when setting premiums. Smoking has both short and long-term consequences that can influence the cost of life insurance and other forms. They will examine your smoking habits to determine a policy fee.

Smokers tend to be charged more for life insurance, as it is associated with increased health risks. This higher premium covers the potential losses from early death that could be caused by smoking. Non-life insurance, such as home and auto, may also cost more if you are a smoker. Studies have shown smokers take more risks with driving and home safety.

To gauge risk, insurers usually ask questions concerning smoking. These include:

  • whether you smoke
  • how long you’ve smoked
  • how often do you smoke cigarettes/tobacco products

Your responses will help them decide whether your health is affected by tobacco, and how certain lifestyle choices could mean a more significant risk profile, requiring higher premiums for coverage.

Ways Insurance Companies Check for Smoking

Insurance companies are using new methods to find out if someone smokes. Premium rates and risk to investments are rising. So, here are the ways insurance companies check for smoking:

  • Self-Reporting: Insurers ask applicants directly about smoking during the application process. The response helps decide monthly premiums.
  • Medical Tests: If there’s suspicion, applicants may need to take nicotine or carbon monoxide tests. Positive tests confirm the self-reported status and premiums are applied accordingly.
  • Pharmacy Records: To verify self-reported status, insurers cross reference prescription data with pharmacy records. They also check if an individual has been trying to quit smoking.
  • Social Media Posts: Insurance companies look at social media posts to find out if someone smokes frequently.
  • Credit Card Statements: Insurers also analyze credit card statements for convenience store purchases. This could indicate habitual smoking behavior.

Common Questions about Insurance and Smoking

There’s a lot of confusion about smoking and insurance. It all depends on the rules in your area. It’s important to understand policy and procedures so you can get an accurate quote when applying for coverage.

Questions you might have about smoking and insurance are:

  1. Do I have to prove I’m not a smoker to get health coverage?
  2. Do life, home or auto insurers use past medical records to check if I smoke?
  3. What if I lie about my smoking status on a health plan app?
  4. Does smoking affect the coverage I get from an insurer?
  5. Are there any discounts if I quit smoking to lower premiums?
  6. What do policyholders have to do to tell insurers about their smoking status?
  7. Are there any restrictions on family/group policies when one person smokes?
  8. How does an insurer consider nicotine replacements like patches/gum when deciding if someone is a smoker or ex-smoker?

Tips for Non-Smokers to Help Lower Insurance Rates

Smoking can harm your health and insurance premiums. If you don’t smoke, follow these tips:

  • Accurately provide all the information when obtaining insurance. Don’t lie or misrepresent your lifestyle habits.
  • Be mindful of smoking indoors. Smoke particles may stay in the environment. Insurers may require air quality tests.
  • Some insurers offer discounts for reducing risks like smoking or drinking. Take small steps to health-promoting behaviors and save money.
  • Encourage healthier lifestyles for loved ones too!


To get the best rates on health and life policies, honesty is key! When you fill out the application, let the insurer know your smoking status. They might use one or more of the methods listed. You might need to do a blood test and provide evidence like tobacco purchase records.

To get the lowest rates, take steps like

  • keeping track of smoking history
  • quitting
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