How to Call the Health Department in a Restaurant?

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Worried about not knowing how to report a health code breach in the restaurant you visited? You can easily phone the health department.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about how to call ’em. Let’s get going!

The health department is a must for restaurants. It makes sure that all health and safety requirements are respected, so customers can eat out stress-free. Knowing how to get in touch with the health dept. is essential, to report any issues found at the restaurant.

Here’s info on how to get in contact with the health dept. near you.

Reasons to Call the Health Department

Restaurants and food service operations must ensure the safety of the foods they serve customers. They must meet high standards and follow health/safety protocols. If a restaurant/food service outlet fails to protect customers, the health department should be notified right away!

When to contact the health department:

  • A case of foodborne illness/contamination is confirmed.
  • A customer says they got ill after eating at an establishment.
  • Violation of sanitation regulations.
  • No thermometers, gloves, hand soap or sanitizing solutions.
  • Food stored/prepared in unsanitary conditions.

Customers should make sure their food is handled properly and not contaminated. If uncertain, contact the local health department to report potential violations.

Who to Contact?

Contacting the health department is a must when an issue arises in a restaurant. Depending on its type, the owner needs to take specific steps.

Know who to contact in the health department. Generally, it is best to contact the county or city health district for food safety issues, environmental issues, and/or drinking water contamination inquiries.

The steps for contacting a health district can vary by area. Most require a phone call from the business owner or manager. Have the license information ready for the call. Connect with the right person at the local health district office. Discuss the concerns in detail and get guidance on further steps that need to be taken.

How to Make the Call?

When you contact the local health department, tell them the reason for your phone call. Give them your name, contact info, and the address of the restaurant. Also say who the restaurant owner, manager, or operator is. Describe briefly why you’re calling, including details like what happened.

They may want you to provide documents when filing a complaint or reporting restaurant violations. These may be inspection reports, photos, or other evidence. Have them ready for when you call, and make sure they’re clear and follow regulations.

Ask if they can give you any other info or tips on restaurant safety. Maybe they have general answers about food safety or specific tips on keeping restaurants sanitary.

What to Expect During the Call?

Before calling the health department, make sure you have all the info. Keep in mind: Inspectors are busier due to the pandemic.

They’ll want to know the restaurant’s name, address, contact details, type of operation, menus, staff health procedures, etc. And if there has been any illness or contaminated food recently, and the steps are taken to clean and sanitize the area.

The inspector will also ask about food safety standards, current regulations, and remedial measures. They may also suggest an inspection visit at a later date.

When speaking, don’t make hasty decisions about changing policies or closing operations. Consult trusted advisors first, as this could put your business at risk. Your local chamber of commerce may provide more guidance.

What to Do After the Call?

Contact the health department when needed. They will assess the situation. Businesses must fix any issues. Depending on the problem, restaurants may need to get pest control, clean equipment, and keep records of temperatures and maintenance. Establishments must make changes to pass the inspection.

A plan of action must be made and followed. It is recommended that staff is trained in sanitary practices and food safety before contacting the health department. After following the corrective steps, repeated follow-up visits from health officials may be required until all standards are met.

Preventative Measures

Restaurants have a duty to keep health and safety standards. The Health Department makes sure these are met. Restaurant owners and managers can take steps to stop health issues.

You can find the Health Department’s contact details on their website or by searching online. Check local regulations, as these change in different regions. Research any current or potential health issues at your restaurant before you call.

Make sure you have written down all reports and damage related to possible hazards. This could include checking the temperatures of equipment, spoilage dates, or looking for rodents/insects. When you call the Health Department, stay calm and give lots of information about what you have done to fix the problem. By taking preventive measures, restaurant owners can work with the Health Department and other organizations successfully.


At the end of the day, it is important to understand when and why to contact the health department. Doing so can help protect restaurant managers, employees, and customers from potential health risks. Keeping a clean and sanitary environment gives guests a great dining experience as well as peace of mind.

Most states require food safety training for all employees who handle, prepare, or serve food. Investing in this type of training is essential. It helps restaurant owners stay informed on how to recognize signs of contamination, temperatures for cooking or holding food, how to prevent cross-contamination between raw foods and produce personal hygiene tips, and more.

Food safety standards are a must for every restaurant. If you ever feel unsure if you should call the local health department, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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