How to Cancel Anthem Individual Health Insurance?

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An unforeseen financial strain? Cancel your Anthem individual health insurance policy to cut down costs.

Do not fear, we will show you how to do it fast and easily.

Receive the serenity of understanding you can keep or cancel coverage when necessary.

Anthem is a top-notch health insurer in the U.S. It provides a variety of plans for people and families.

If you are considering canceling your Anthem Individual Health Insurance policy, it’s essential to be aware of what that entails and how to end it properly. This guide will give you the info on how to cancel Anthem Individual Health Insurance so you can make sure it’s done promptly.

Reasons to Cancel Anthem Individual Health Insurance

Evaluate your needs and costs vs. benefits of staying in your Anthem individual health insurance plan. Is it worth it? Did your health change or did you move to a different area?

If so, here are reasons why you should cancel your Anthem health plan:

  • The coverage doesn’t meet your current needs.
  • You don’t have enough money for the premiums.
  • You need coverage outside of what Anthem offers.
  • Your health is changing.

Understand your health needs and compare different plans to choose the best one for your situation. Terminating a policy and seeking another can be beneficial.

Steps to Cancel Anthem Individual Health Insurance

Cancelling Anthem individual health insurance is simple. Log into their website or mobile app, provide your name and address, and give them the reason for cancelling. Your cancellation will be processed in three business days.

Contact their customer service team to confirm they received and processed your request. They’ll discuss any additional steps and answer questions.

Mail or fax a copy of their cancellation form or written notice. Include all the documents they require, plus accept any termination fees due with 30 days’ notice.

Check for any outstanding claims before the cancellation date. Verify payment due and billing details so there are no surprises. Collect any remaining balances owed under annual memberships if cancelling during the same period.

Considerations Before Canceling Anthem Individual Health Insurance

When thinking of canceling Anthem’s individual health insurance, there are some things to consider. You may be taxed or not get coverage from another provider due to pre-existing conditions. Check if there are any COBRA or other compensation opportunities.

Before canceling, you must contact and read the info on cancellation. Write to the insurance provider requesting cancellation of coverage and a refund (if possible). State the time frame related to any plan cancellations. Finally, get all documentation from the healthcare plan provider including proof of cancellation and refunded payments (if applicable).

Understanding the Cancellation Process

To cancel an Anthem individual health insurance policy, you must take several steps.

  1. Send a letter or email to the insurer, including your name, address, and identification.
  2. Wait for approval from the company.
  3. Pay any outstanding premiums due on the policy before canceling.
  4. Provide proof of insurance prior to cancellation.
  5. Upon approval and payment, get confirmation of the termination or cancellation of your plan. This serves as evidence that the health insurance policy has been properly canceled.

After Cancellation Options

Once you have chosen to cancel your individual health insurance plan with Anthem, you may need other options to stay covered and protected. Depending on your situation, there are multiple paths to choose from.

If you have been laid off or lost employer coverage, Cobra Insurance may be appropriate. This allows those with group coverage to extend the benefits of their previous policy for a set length of time.

If Cobra is not an option, individual health policies can be found in most states. You can get them through insurance providers or on the state Exchange, depending on eligibility criteria. Open enrollment windows vary by state but usually happen in the latter half of the year. Coverage starts January 1st after the Open Enrollment Period (OEP).

If you need healthcare before OEP or need frequent changes in coverage, Short Term Health Insurance plans might be a good fit. These plans offer flexible options for timeframe and use. However, details such as provider networks, co-insurance rates, and maximum benefit levels vary by provider. So, do research to make sure these plans meet all requirements.

Finally, if income falls within the federal guidelines of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), you may be eligible for Medicaid or chip programs. These offer federally subsidized healthcare programs, based on family size and specific boundaries in each state/territory.


To cancel your Anthem Individual Health Insurance plan, you must understand the steps. You can do so online, over the phone, or by letter.

Start by notifying Anthem of your intent to cancel. Be aware of any fees or penalties. When you have alternative insurance coverage, finish the process to terminate Anthem.

Online cancellation might require submitting a signed hardcopy form by mail or fax too. Get proof of cancellation in case Anthem’s records are not updated right away.

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