How to Cancel Flo Health Subscription? (Fast & Easily)

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Struggling to cancel your Flo Health subscription? You’re not alone! Let us help you make it simpler.

In this article, you’ll find out how to quickly and easily cancel your Flo Health subscription. No sweat!

Flo Health is a digital healthcare system. It offers users access to many health-related features. Subscription plans are available and come with exclusive features, and discounts every month.

If you want to cancel your Flo Health Subscription, this guide is for you! Read on to discover how to terminate the agreement between you and the company.

What is Flo Health?

Flo Health is a subscription-based healthcare platform. It provides users with personal health tracking services and a suite of affordable, evidence-based health solutions and products. Examples include: tracking fertility, and menstrual cycles, managing pregnancy, and managing chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, etc.

Flo Health helps people understand their bodies and stay in charge of their health. It does this by providing personalized tools that monitor individual symptoms, identify risk factors, provides tips to prevent worsening medical conditions, and predict potential health issues.

Furthermore, Flo Health offers educational resources to help users learn about their bodies and the best healthcare practices for staying healthy.

Steps to Cancel Flo Health Subscription

To cancel your Flo Health subscription, first, use the app for two weeks to gain an understanding of its benefits. Then, open the app on your device and tap Settings. Scroll down and tap ‘Manage Subscription’. Tap ‘Cancel Subscription’ and select ‘Yes, Cancel My Subscription’. You will get a confirmation message.

To avoid further charges, select ‘Unsubscribe from emails’ before exiting the settings page. You have now canceled your subscription! For refunds, contact our support team by email or phone.

Benefits of Cancelling Flo Health Subscription

Canceling your Flo Health subscription has its advantages. You can do it anytime with no consequences.

Benefits include:

  • Saving money – you don’t need to pay extra charges.
  • Reallocating resources – focus on other medical services or health expenses.
  • Streamlining membership accounts – not having to log in to many different accounts.
  • Improved security – delete requests to protect sensitive data from exposure.

Alternatives to Flo Health

Canceling Flo Health may seem the only way, but there are options that suit you better. Consider the following:

1. Purchase the Premium Package. Floating Health has a premium version that offers personalized reports and extra health trackers.

2. Look into free apps. There are many free period trackers and health apps giving some level of monitoring without paying.

3. Join support groups. Connect with others in women’s health and wellness groups. Gain advice on staying healthy or tracking periods/symptoms. Consider joining one today!


To cancel your Flo Health subscription, simply sign in to the account used to purchase the service. Note that any unused portion of the subscription could be forfeited unless stated in the terms of service. Read these carefully before buying or canceling.

Hope this article was helpful. Wishing you luck with all future endeavors!


Before you cancel Flo Health, there are some resources to consider. Our FAQs, Help Centre and customer service team (available 24/7) can help answer questions.

US users can take advantage of the free 7-day trial period, no credit card is needed! Sign up to see how the Pro version can help you manage your health.

The app also offers recipes, articles, and expert advice for free. Invite friends, read our blog, and join Facebook Groups to get more out of Flo Health without a subscription.

Once you cancel, your subscription will remain active until its expiration date and all data will be removed from our system. Personal information will continue to be stored according to our Privacy Policy at

Frequently Asked Questions

Flo Health is a digital health platform that helps people to monitor and manage their well-being. It’s popular amongst users and offers excellent support. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so quickly and easily. Follow the steps below.

  1. How do I cancel my Flo Health subscription?

    Log in to your account. Go to the 'Subscription' tab. Click 'Cancel Subscription'. The cancellation takes effect immediately. No more payments will be taken.

  2. Can I get a refund after canceling my Flo Health subscription?

    We don't offer refunds when subscriptions are canceled. This is in line with our Terms & Conditions. We'd like to hear how we could have improved your experience.

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