Is Otto Insurance Legit? (Discover The Truth 2023)

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The website appears legitimate, however, customer reviews suggest it may be a fraudulent operation. Most customers report receiving an excessive amount of phone calls instead of the expected quotes.

Otto insurance is a website that claims to provide free and fast quotes for auto, home, pet, and life insurance from multiple insurance companies. 

However, based on the customer reviews I found online, Otto insurance may not be a reliable or trustworthy source of insurance quotes.

Customer reviews for Otto insurance are mostly negative. Dissatisfied reviewers mention getting bombarded with calls, texts, and emails after providing their information to Otto. 

Others say the platform is misleading and does not provide any quotes, but redirects them to other websites or agents. Some also complain about the lack of privacy and security of their personal data.

There are very few positive reviews for Otto insurance online, and most of them are on their own website, which may not be credible or unbiased. 

Some customers claim to have saved money on their insurance policies by using Otto’s services, but they do not provide any details or evidence to support their claims.

Therefore, based on the available information and reviews, I would not recommend using Otto insurance to compare or buy insurance. 

You may be better off using other reputable and verified websites or agents that can provide you with accurate and reliable quotes from trusted insurance companies.

Type Referral company
Founder Joshua Keller
Parent company Global Agora
Headquarters Miami Beach, Florida
Services Auto, home, pet, and life insurance quotes
Customer reviews Mostly negative
Contact +1 888-596-1534  (Eamil – [email protected])

How high is the chance of being scammed?

The service offered appears unsatisfactory, but it’s worth noting that Otto Insurance doesn’t engage in any fraudulent activity since it doesn’t provide insurance coverage. 

The main issue is that it doesn’t live up to its claim of being a convenient insurance quote comparison tool.

Does the site steal sensitive data?

Otto collects your information and shares it with their insurance partners, who use it to contact you and pitch their products. 

They’ll mainly direct you to local insurers’ third-party websites, where you’ll need to speak with them directly to get a personalized quote.

How good are the Company’s overall web ratings?

The web reviews for Otto Insurance are overwhelmingly negative, with customers expressing dissatisfaction with the service they received. 

Specifically, many customers reported receiving unsolicited phone calls from insurance companies, which did not result in any helpful quotes being provided.

How does Otto Insurance make money?

Otto Insurance is a website that provides free insurance quotes for auto, pet, home, and life insurance by connecting customers with its network of over 1,000 partners and affiliates. 

It is not an insurer itself, but rather a concierge service for the insurance industry. 

Otto Insurance makes money by generating leads for its partners and affiliates, who pay Otto Insurance a commission for each customer they acquire through the website. 

Otto Insurance is similar to a managing general agent (MGA), which is a business model that capitalizes on market trends and creates profitable niches in the insurance sector.

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